„My name is Matamba, I’m from Gambia. I’m right now in Greece, in Moria camp but I want to talk about the camp, about the reasons why inside the camp it’s not nice.

We are from Africa. They told us we don’t commit any crime. So why are we coming here?

People in Africa, in Gambia, in Senegal and other countries like Mali- we have crimes. And we came here to ask for asylum. But they told us that we don’t have problems.

We want them to help us, we need them to help us with our documents. Now they don’t have interpreters. They said they will come back to us in 2021. How can we stay in here until 2021. That is not nice. So we need help. We need help. I don’t know how they can help us about the situation here. It’s terrible. We are suffering here.“

The self-organized waste management in Camp Moria
World Refugee Day Muhammad Awad Aboud
People in Camp Moria are waiting for the Bus to Athens.
grabbing lunch at camp moria after waiting for three hours in the food line
Moria Corona Awareness Team cleaning Camp Moria