Moria (Greek: Μόρια – Mória) refugee camp is the biggest refugee camp in Europe. (UNHCR) Moria is a refugee camp located outside Moria village near Mytilene. Enclosed with barbed wire and a chain-link fence, the camp serves as a European Union receiving center or “hotspot”. It is described by Human Rights Watch as an open air prison. (Human Rights Watch)
The camp was built to accommodate around 3000 people, however there are now over 20000 people living in the camp. Because of overcrowding, the camp has expanded into a nearby olive grove, where the living quarters are makeshift, typically made out of tarps. (Human Rights Watch). (…) Every month, hundreds of refugees and migrants cross the Mediterranean sea and land in Moria. (Aegean Boat Report).

(Wikipedia 11th of April 2020)

FILES FROM MORIA works as an archive for videos, sound files and other documents by people living in the refugee camp of Moria on the island of Lesbos.

FILES FROM MORIA shall serve as a concrete place in the world wide web, saying: MORIA EXISTS; letting the files speak for theirselves.

FILES FROM MORIA is a collaboration in between MCAT (Moria Corona Awareness Team) and a team of friends who are artists, programmers, writers, filmmakers in Germany.

Please share these files to raise consciousness.