Follow-up on today’s relocation.
In accordance with amount of buses then we believe it was around 400 people who were relocation. We cannot confirm their end destination, but we know they received ferry tickets for Athens. From mainland then they will most likely be transferred to Nea Kavala, Alexandria among other locations. In additions to certain hotels hosting them.

Everyone being relocated are examined to make this transfer safe and coronafree. We hope that where they go they do not encounter this dangerous virus as we hear there are Covid-19 in other refugee places in Greece. Still we are happy that there is no coronavirus in Moria.

Also we are very grateful that Greece is finally starting to fix this overcrowdedness, but we will not forget that we were abandoned here to ourselves in this crisis. And many people say in Moria today „why not me today? I hope me next time“. What will happen with these people, where will they go? – we don’t know.
We wish them much care and a safe trip.

Moria Corona Awareness Team

View over Moria Camp by Raed
Self-organized waste management at Camp Moria
rainy days in camp moria
Walking through Camp Moria
Washing clothes camp Moria
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